Curvy Miss Q
by on January 22, 2020

We all started somewhere whether you are a Domme or a sub! 

The world of kink and fetish is a constant  learning  process, learning about and understanding a new kink or learning how to approach a Domme correctly, understanding what certain terms or phrases mean,when you have understood one thing there will always be something else to understand 

Mistakes we all make them but you use them as a learning tool,you learn how to use your time wisely,you learn who is worthy of your time and who is not

You learn about yourself,one of the best things about domiantion for me is and always will be the chance to understand what I love and enjoy and what I don't,it has given me the chance to explore and try new things and through doing that I have learned more about the type of person I am and what I truly want and I am not ashamed to admit I will never stop learning,I learn from talking to others,by doing my reserach,by reading blogs and comments and threads and so on

There is no shame in admitting you need to learn about something either,as I said at the beginning we all started somewhere