Miss B
by on January 23, 2020

How often do we all engage in our kinks? I do it every day and at first, I thought that the prospect of money would propel me but not anymore. I find subs that are weekend pups or night time pups. Sometimes subs only indulge in their kinks 1-3 times a month. What pushes you to engage? What makes you want to stop everything to have your kinks exploited? My driving force? A successful volley with a sub. Once you get into the thick of it and your pup is under your control it's hard not to succumb to the pleasure of domination. Sometimes that initial spark while exploring their kink is even more gratifying than the money. If I'm turned on by the end of our session then I'll likely stay engaged. What makes you stay engaged? 

Topics: recurrence, indulge, kink