by on January 23, 2020

Owned by: Goddess CopperLotus

Written Jan. 19th, 2020.

I mark my time in chastity on this calendar, crossing off the days that Goddess’ cocklet is locked

and putting a square around the days She allows me to cum for Her pleasure. To date, I have
been locked for 60 consecutive days and last came 64 days ago; both are the longest so far.

Marking the days off has become part of my daily routine and is a reminder of my submission to

Goddess and that the pleasure of cumming is Hers alone to control. I have grown used to the
pink cage, as I have now spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and rung in the New Year locked.
I have no idea when Goddess will next allow me the pleasure of begging to cum, nor when I do,
will She allow it. It is totally under Her control and I thank Goddess for that honor.