by on January 26, 2020

Are you wondering where she went? Do you ever wonder why she hasnt been engaging you lately? Did you ever think it has something to do with you? Did you ever t hink it was your fault? Oh no, im probably sure you didnt. You have trouble accepting responsibility for anything. Your ego looks bigger than your own head on your shoulders. It leads you to think that people may owe you something, when no one owes you anything. But with her your ego will get you ignored, passed over and possibly blocked depending on what websites you are on. Your ego and entitlement allows others to serve her while you sit on the sidelines and sulk. Your ego serves you no purpose in femdom. You need to leave your ego at the door when you desire to serve.

But you gift her and then you disappear. You reappear whenever you like and pretend its dedication to her when you know its not.You wondering why you keep coming back when its clear you have an addiction. You wondering why you cant seem to get anywhere with her. You cant kick the habit but you cant seem to open that wallet wide enough to let her know you care.Why do you think you are better than any other sub out there, especially the giving ones? If you arent providing, what is your worth? Im sorry if you think this applies to you. If it makes you feel that way, you have to ask yourself why. If you cannot dedicate yourself to her happiness, then why bother persuing her? She is your drug of choice and you cant afford her. You arent a good whore and that heroin you seek isnt free.

Remember, you have to sacrifice for what you want or what you want will become the sacrifice.