Pauley playtoy-OwnedByPB
by on February 1, 2020

Oh, Mistress Pauley, please forgive me as I have sinned. The background is that as I added up my spending for 2019, I found I spent way more than I had planned, let's just say a LOT more. As a planner and cheapskate, my first thought was to "budget" for 2020 to only spend so much each month and far less than I had spent in 2019.

After a few days of this thinking, I realized that to spend less would be an insult to your freely given Domination and Control. You give me so much and I can give so little by comparison. But then, I was planning and scheming to give less!

The sin centers around the words "planning" and "budget." I have no right to plan my sacrifices to you which is why they are called "sacrifices." Rather, I should and will spend as I am drawn by Your Holy Will.

Please forgive me, Mistress Pauley. Please impose any punishment, penance and fines as you wish, Mistress Pauley.

Thank you, Mistress Pauley.

Your remorseful slave,