Miss North
by on February 2, 2020

Many new Dommes complain about “timewasters”. Now I’ve already shared My opinion on that term, nobody wastes My time because I don’t give them the opportunity to do so. What helps with this is knowing the “tricks” that many men will use to milk time with you without paying a cent. If you get a message from one of these types, chances are very high that you aren’t going to be paid for your interaction with them, should you choose to interact with them in the first place. 

“Miss, here are some really embarrassing photos of me, please don’t share them!/I have some really embarrassing photos, do you want to see Miss? I don’t want them to be shared!/Hi, I’m Mistress Badass, I have some pics of a slave that doesn’t want to be exposed, do you want to see?”

This is a man trying to get you to view his photos, and if he’s really lucky, share these photos anywhere you can. he’s not embarrassed or ashamed of them. he WANTS them to be seen and shared by as many Women as possible. Now, there’s nothing wrong with posting photos of a submissive (with his consent), but don’t do this for free! Tell them if they want you to look at their photos then they must pay you. Now after this they’ll either just send their photos anyway and wait for a reaction, or simply disappear. Give them nothing. 

“Miss I have this fantasy where a Mistress does X, Y, and Z to me”/Miss would you do blah blah blah to me?/Miss I see you’re interested in X, would you do that to me?”

What’s expected here is that you’ll respond with some dirty kink talk saying that you would do this to him, and how. he’ll sit behind his computer screen jerking off to your every word, then be gone. he’s not going to pay you. Why would he? he already got what he wanted. I delete these messages as soon as I read the first five words. 

“Miss can I please see your beautiful perfect feet?!”

This is where I give foot fetishists shit. They are widely known among sex workers as being the stingiest freeloading fuckers out there. Most don’t even expect that you’ll want to charge for your feet pictures. And if you do, they can easily move on to the next girl, and most likely find one that will give them out for free. Now, you may actually get lucky and find a guy that WILL pay! he might pay what you feel is a lot for some basic photos, but beware that most want to get away with paying as little as possible. You’re welcome to take your chances here. I personally don’t bother because I don’t care to give men any pleasure photos. Fuck them. 

“Hi Miss, my name is bigbuxpaypiggy4u, I want to spoil you, what’s your Paypal/wishlist?”

Screen names of this nature are a red flag. These men figure they can lure you in with the promises they make in the first thing you see - Their screen name. But I assure you, 99% of these guys are full of shit. They more than likely aren't going to send a single dollar. They may purchase things off your wishlist, but expect for those purchases to be cancelled once he's gotten off. Also be wary of men that post photos flaunting wealth, or claim they have a large amount of money to spoil a Domme with. This is also bait. A sub that wants to spoil a Domme usually has one of his liking in mind, and will be respectful enough to send it without trying to make the Domme jmp through hoops for it. 

“Hello Miss X, My name is Holly and I run a website where girls make $5000 a day and MORE! Would you like to sign up?”

Don't interact with this. Just don't. It's a crock of shit 

“Hi I’m an administrator and I need to verify that you’re real. Send me full body photos, or go on cam for me so I can see you. I’ll need you to stand up and do the things that I tell you to, etc”

When joining a new site familiarize yourself with who the administrators are if possible . If you can't find out who is in charge of the site then just know that the administrators are too busy keeping the site in order to care to see you do jumping jacks without a top on. These messages are coming from men looking to take advantage of (generally) new girls because they tend to not know better, and want to keep their profile up on the site to continue making money so they will jump through any hoop to do so. Don't be that girl! Tell these shitheads to piss off, and block them.

In fact, block all of the men described in this blog and move on with your day. Don't do a damn thing until you get your cash or gift cards upfront. Don't accept wishlist gifts as payment, be careful who you give your Paypal to, and always go by your gut feeling. It'll be your best navigator on this scene. And good luck to all!