by on February 4, 2020

Hey there, Findoms! Been a while. Far too long, actually, and I've been antsy, all caught up in RL business without time to play. But I've been thinking about My relationship with men, and how findom/being a Domme in general has helped Me sort out My feelings in regards to the opposite sex.


I'm a bisexual woman. I don't make it a secret. If you object to that, we have nothing to say to each other, because I'm confident in My identity, and I know there are plenty of subs out there who understand a woman's need to have intimate relationships with other women. I mean, who can understand a woman better than a woman?


I've had plenty of fulfilling sexual and romantic relationships with women. Men… It's more difficult.


Men are arrogant. They're self-centered. They try to talk over you as if they know everything simply by virtue of having a penis (no matter how tiny it may be). They're hard to get along with. Men who fancy themselves dominant are even more insufferable. Am I a misandrist? Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. But you can't say men haven't done anything to deserve it.


So, when I was less secure in Myself, I pondered My sexuality often. Am I a lesbian? Am I lying to Myself about My continued attraction (if you could call it that) to men?


And then I started Domming, and I realized: no. I'm just more turned on by a different kind of man.


I don't want to see you waving your dick around and flaunting it like some kind of prize I should be salivating over. I don't want to see you on top of Me, thrusting away like some sort of epileptic dog. I don't want to hear you speak, droning on and on about yourself and your interests and your perceived strengths.


No, I want you on your hands and knees, like the submissive bitch you are. There's no bigger turn-on for Me when it comes to men than seeing one bending over and weeping for cock, be it My strap or another man's dick. Gay porn partially helped me realize this, seeing the bottoms spread their asscheeks and beg to be fucked hard. I've written and drawn gay porn, it's an interest for Me, but I've always identified more with the dominant party. The one in charge, the one with the huge cock to torment his subs with.


Domming solidified it: I need a man to submit to Me in order for me to be satisfied. There's truly no better pleasure in the world than finding a man who knows his place. One who's happy to fork over his hard-earned cash to make up for the sin of simply being male. One who recognizes all the wrongs his gender has done, who won't try to argue with Me about misogyny not being real or sexism still existing in the modern age.


It's something I have to keep hush-hush in certain areas of My life, and every time I grit My teeth and put on a professional face, I find Myself longing to bend the offending bitch over and show him a whole new way of living. The unrivaled pleasure of serving a Domme in every way She wants to be served.


I'm so glad for the internet, and the way it's connected Me to others, but most importantly, to Myself. I don't know where I'd be without having this tool to help Me realize who my truest self is. And thank you to all the amazing Dommes who've come before Me, who make Me feel stronger just by existing. You and every pathetic little cumslut of a sub out there have inspired Me to live My best life, finally.


It's good to be back!