by on February 5, 2020

I've started my way as a financial dominatrix only 5 months ago, but in these 5 months I have learnt a lot of things.


I remember my first days here, talking with a potential sub (he ghosted, of course) and the second time that I asked for a tribute he said: "But why do you want to punish me? I haven't do anything bad". That was the point in which I realize that a lot of "subs" aren't subs or they have no clue about the meaning of being a financial submissive. I was shocked, thinking "Why does he say that? This is a findom community, money is not a punishment, money is a kink". Obviously, I didn't have a clue about what was going to happend in the next months.


I've known a lot of types of submissives or "so-called subs" and, my conclusion, in that "real" financial subs are like unicorns. Apart from timewasters these are the most common profiles that I have found:

-"Subs" that are just buyers:  They only want sessions or buy content (videos, pics, etc) but they call themselves subs. No, sweetie, you aren't a sub, you are just a client and there's nothing bad about that. But don't confuse things.

-"Subs" that are only fetishists: They are only interested on a specific kind of sessions or content. Again, nothing bad about that, but be honest with yourself.

-The confused ones: They think that they are financial subs but, what they really want, is a BDSM/femdom relationship. They start sending money and then they realize that they aren't enjoying it. My advice: do some research and think about what you really want.


Other important thing that happends a lot on twitter is that huge amount of subs saying that they have been scammed, used, etc etc etc. I understand that and, sadly, It happens with the boomb of instadommes. But the realliy (ok, this is my point of view) is that we, Dommes, are the ones that "suffer more". People try to scam us ALL days, we deal with timewasters every time, etc. But most of the times we are treated like objects, objects that men can use and then throw away. For example, those "subs" that only send when they're horny and then, they ghost. All of you know what a financial d/s relationship means so I think that it's needless to say what is wrong with that attitude. Sad but true. But this is how sex-work works.


I could be writing about this all the day, but this is jus a quick reflexion.


Obviously, I've learn cool things, get to know awesome people and have fun, but I will wrote about that in other blog.