by on February 9, 2020

On my last post I wrote about not so nice things. But this blog is going to be about possitivity. I've never thought that findom would helped me both with my online interactions and in real life.


In the past I worked as a webcammer so I was used to time wasters, scammers, etc. But the dynamics about those things are different on findom. I've learnt to see, with just two words, when someone is willing to submiss and tribute; and also a lot of ways that people use to scam: "I'll pay you 5000€ on paypal but I need a steam/amazon gc", "I'll pay you later, I promise"... And the amazing ways to scam with an amazon whislist. Now, I know how to respect my self with online interactions and I have no problem to block fast at the minimum sing that gives me a bad feeling.


This has been extrapolated to my real life. I know my worth (and I've to keep learning on this) and I don't stand bul*shit from anyone. I'm loyal and respectful, so I expect the same from the people who is around me. I've cut a lot of toxic relathionships and I value more the good friends that I have. I never take something from granted, so I work to be the best version of myself everyday. If somone wants to piss me off I show the face that I was hiding during all the past years. I was the typical girl who supported everyone when I should't do that for [insert a list or reasons], always with a smile, always putting other people before me, etc. Those things were dragging my mental health. I'm the priority in my life and I should get that tattoed in my hand so I can't forget it. Me, my health and my benefits come first, and then the rest (family and friends are also a priority, don't take me wrong). 


With all the drama on twitter I also have learnt to minimize things that aren't to important. This website, twitter, or other web site are supposed to be a place to have fun, get to know nice people and stay away from the drama. in real life we have too many problems (family, work, health...) and why are we going to open the pc and create more drama? Findom is something to enjoy, of course that there will be situations wich make us feel bad (when a lovely sub leaves, for example), but most of the time this is a space to share, learn, have fun and close the pc with good vibes.


And last, but not least, all the amazing people that I've known and whom I talk with. Dommes have been a big support from me in the bad momments, when I've doubts, we can share also the nice things that happens in our lifes... I've make friends, something that I wasn't expecting. And if you are a lonely person, like me, this is awesome.


So, my conclusiones:


-I'm learning to know my worth.

-Don't get attached to drama.

-Have fun on the internet.

-Appreciate the little nice things.

-Cut toxic relationships.

-Learn more about myself.

-Make friends whom I can share experiences.



I don't know. If you know how to move on findom everyday can be wonderful.