Miss North
by on March 11, 2020

Many boys are seeking to serve Me, and it’s always asked what is expected of them. A fair question, but I’ve written it out a billion times by now to each and every boy that has come along, so I’m going to make a post to cover it once and for all.

  • Have a positive and eager attitude to serve.
  • Do everything I say, without fuss and without whining. “No” should not be in your vocabulary! If we are in a cam session and you are told to do something, too long of a hesitation will also be seen as a problem. I want what I want and I want it done NOW.
  • All boys must be capable and willing to tribute regularly. No tribute? No time for you! I’ll drop you and easily find another boy who can and will tribute.
  • I give out tasks with instructions and due dates. All tasks are to be completed properly and sent to Me before the given due date. Should they not be turned in on time you’ll be punished. That is, if I’m in a good mood.  If I’m not in a good mood you may very well be dropped for not following through on orders/being disobedient. I really have a low tolerance for such. (If special circumstances come up I may allow an extension. This does not include things such as “I left it to the last minute and now I can’t finish on time!”)
  • All boys must be respectful when speaking to Me. boys are not allowed to swear, and I am to be addressed as Miss. Nothing else. Not Mistress, not Queen, not Goddess. Miss. I also expect boys to show good manners towards other Women. 
  • I put every boy in chastity. Orgasms can only be earned with good behavior, and possibly performing something particularly entertaining to Me. I really hate knowing that a boy is experiencing pleasure in something that does not benefit Me at all, so you’ll really have to work for it. 
  • Daily emails checking in are expected. When you wake up I should be the first person you message. Even better, sometime during the day a chat on Skype should be had, unless either one of us has a busy day ahead, then we can catch up the next day. But I’ve never had a boy that was too busy to chat to Me. 
  • Don’t be clingy. Don’t spam Me with 5 unread messages at a time crying for My attention. This behavior will actually result in the opposite desired affect. I will find you annoying and decide to drop you as a sub. Then you’ll likely get blocked. 
  • BE ABLE TO CONVERSE. If I’m having to carry every conversation I will lose interest fast. Also, I know you’re men and your minds are puny, but if you’re dumber than a doorknob with the maturity of a 5 year old, you’re not going to cut it with Me.