by on March 11, 2020

My source of funds to spoil Ms Paulery Belle has been the ridiculously high stock market. But, with the recent stock decline, the growth is not keeping up with my spending. So, Ms Pauley and I are now in "austerity mode."

Like Greece and other countries that over spend, have a downturn and cannot make loan payments, I have to cut back on spending on Ms Pauley's gifts, tributes, bills, expenses and so forth. So, here we are. I should say that Austerity Regime does not just affect Mistress Pauley. Remember, I am a money slave and it affects me as well. I cannot give what I usually give! So we both suffer.

Hopefully, the stock market drop is small and short. Then, back to normal spending. But if it isn't, and we are in "Great Recession II" like in 2008 - 2009, Austerity Regime may be semi-permanent.

The good news is I can take actions on what to do when the market declines. Then when it comes back, I will be in better shape for funds to please Mistress Pauley.

Finally, I should say I am no "high roller." My stocks are in my IRAs I saved up for decades for retirement. Just like "wipe out your retirement savings for me" from other dommes. Mistress Pauley would never say that of course.

Even more finally, if you have investments DON'T SELL!!!! Buy low, sell high, remember? Stick it out and the market will reward you or, as in my case, Mistress Pauley.

Thank you, Mistress Pauley.