Curvy Miss Q
by on March 12, 2020

 Ghosting is pretty much inevitable and something that appears to be happening frequently, but why?

Guilt, this I think is a common reason for ghosting and is felt for various reasons, this could be anything from the amount sent, to sending in the first place or it could be because a sub feels guilt for doing it to begin with, I have had subs tell me before it almost feels like cheating

Getting caught up in it all, it is easy to get carried away especially when you feel excited, I think it is overwhelming for some and they get scared 

Reality, again I think this is a common reason why ghosting happens and could be linked with the feelings of guilt or getting caught up in everything. For some subs, quite possibly the majority of them submission is a form of escapism, they don't want to see the human side of all this and when they catch even just a glimpse of it the fetish bubble bursts  and relaity bites hard. But reality could also mean  who they or they way they feel, I know for some subs it is  a battle, they don't want to submit or have these feelings of submisison, they want to feel "normal", they simply don't want to face the reality of who they are 

Because they have got what they wanted, lets be blunt here, they have got excited, felt the high and had an orgasm, when that has happened they come down from the high and dissapear because their needs have been fulfilled

They feel scared, again as I refered to as above they are scared of how they feel but it could also be because they are scared of being honest and just ghost instead 

So how do you deal with being ghosted? Simple, you move on! I know this may be easier said than done because some long term subs ghost for whatever reason but don't waste your time and energy on it all they are not worth it, if they didn't give you a second thought before doing it then don't give them one!

I would also like to add that this can be a 2 way street, there is occasions where a Domme has ghosted a sub and that is not ok either but sadly it is more common place now all round!