by on March 17, 2020

I told Queen that I wanted to write a blog and asked Her what She'd like to read about.  She wanted to know "why is findom such a turn on to me?"

There are two parts to this question in my mind.  The first part is just answering the question in general.  But the second part are the things that are unique to my Queen and our relationship that make it even better.

So, here's how I answered the question:

I'm totally turned on by serving Her, being Her sub, and everything that entails.  I love knowing that I am at Her beck and call and doing my absolute best to always obey Her commands.  I love knowing that I'm there to make Her life better.

I'm turned on by being useful to Her.  While this can be tough because of our distance, I love knowing that I'm doing tasks so She doesn't have to.  I love knowing that She can simply send me a text for something She needs done, and it will "magically" get done for Her. She doesn't have to worry about if or how it'll get done.  It just happens.

In a totally ideal world, I'd be massaging Her or worshiping Her feet all the time.  As a Queen, She should be pampered 24/7.  I obvsiously can't do that.  But I can pay for someone to pamper Her in my place.  Paying for Her to be pampered makes me feel like I'm directly doing it.  Although, personally giving Queen a massage is quite an amazing experience. 

I love knowing that Her life is a bit more luxurious because of me.  I don't mean to sound rude or conceited, but there's a huge turn on knowing She's the envy of Her friends.  I love knowing She routinely eats steak dinners, gets weekly mani/pedis, has routine spa days, and wears designer boots.

And now for the more personal stuff.  This is part 2, if you will.  This may sound a bit... corny.

Queen has a natural dominance about Her.  She doesn't have to try to be dominant.  She has a way about Her that makes me want to serve Her.  There's nothing that I ever need to force.  She just oozes power.

She knows how to push my buttons.  She knows how to make me a better sub when I'm slacking.  And far more important, she knows how to make me a better person.  Whether it's getting me to work out or just getting me to laugh, She knows what to say and when.

She is demanding and has a high bar, but she's not mean or rude or "bitchy".  

She has graciously walked the line between being my best friend and being my Domme.  With Queen, the two are one in the same.  She doesn't ahave to turn the Domme side off in order to be my best friend, and vice versa.  

She knows all of me.  All my skeletons, all of my hopes, dreams, fears.  

And I know all of Her.  I know all of Her hopes, dreams and fears. And that has only made the pedestal on which She sits even higher.  I have a sense of worship of Her.  In my mind, She's not "like a Princess", She IS my Princess.  Because of everything that She is, I adore Her, revere Her and admire Her.