by on March 18, 2020

Submissivetask.com is a new (to me) website that I have come across and it seems promising. You can be either a dominant or a sub/slave to join free of charge. If you are a dominant, you make a profile and post tasks that you create. If you are a sub/slave you may peruse the site and choose a task or challenge to do for any particular dominant. There is no fee of course, so alot may shy awway from it especially the findom scene. I think I will like it because I can post tasks and not have to hover watching and maintaining the task. It is more of a fun boredom buster than anything else. When you post a task, you can set a date and time that it should be completed by. You can even post it as a task for only one sub/slave or as many as wants to may complete it.I think you can create sub specific tasks that only that person can access.Mind you ive only had enough time to post one task. That one task is a rather messy masturbatory challenge of sorts.

I think this site is just one more that can help me be more accesible to subs that may want to serve me. It may be looked down upon as giving away freebies. Giving away these so called freebies is a good way to reach more people in a less pushy manner in my opinion. When you are free enough to not have to treat everything in findom like your financial life depends on it, it is so much more enjoyable.