Mistress Jess
by on March 20, 2020

  Cheerleader, mother figure, shoulder to cry on. Those are just the very basics. Being there for someone, and or multiple people is rewarding. Obviously having someone and or multiple someone's  serve you is rewarding, but it's more than that. I have a feeling that most Dommes would agree. 


  I have certainly reaped the benefits of soft Domming. Giving those shy souls a space to open up, once they feel comfortable is a very special thing. Some subs only respond to my cruel side, with almost constant degradation. There are days when a pelthora of emotions are  being thrown my way. I'm certainly not complaining, as I couldn't be more greatful for what I've been able to accomplish. I've  had to learn new skills to propel my success. The connections  you can make through this community are invaluable. 


  During this time of isolation I'm sure most of us have been pushed into introspection. I for one am happy I've been made to do so. I can honestly say I love leading. I enjoy being needed, & on occasion I'm surprised at how needed I truly am. I enjoy the fact that at any moment an admirer could send me something. I feel fulfilled in my life, and I have no plans on going anywhere. After all everyday is a fantasy, when you're me. 


Topics: sadist, d/s, domme, soft domme