by on March 21, 2020

Not all subs are losers, wankers, or pathetic. Each sub has their individual characteristics, want desires and yes...needs and should be dealt with as individuals and not blanketed into the same group just because its easier to .

Not all subs are here to serve you. Just because they are submissive doesnt automatically mean you can take them over and rule them. You need to take into consideration they may be under consideration by or actually owned by another domme. Poaching subs/slaves from another domme is very much frowned upon.

Not all subs like to be called by animal names. Just because a sub is in the findom fetish doesnt automatically make him a "piggy" and you could be doing yourself a disservice by calling all subs as such when you make a post.

Not all subs have the same budget. Dont assume that all that participate in the findom fetish have endless amounts of cash. If the cash is endless it ceases to be fun. I myself revel in the art of sacrifice, what he goes without just to gift/tribute me. And to me every budget should be allowed to participate as long as the sacrifice is evident. Those with a small budget can be equally as exciting as one with a larger one.

Not all subs enjoy the same fetishes. Try not to pidgeonhole people based on your past experiences in the lifestyle. Often times findom is coupled with other fetishes. Although sometimes rare,an only findom fetish finsub will appear.

Not all subs want to be owned, some prefer to be community paypets and thats fine. Also of note, just because someone gifts you or tributes you does not mean that you own them automatically, unless of course you have previously discussed such a scenario.

Not all subs are created equal and should be dealt with as individuals to get the most out of any relationship you may have a chance at having with them. Dont lump them all into one category, no matter how convenient it is for you. FIndom is a fetish based on work by both parties. The most successful ones are worked on well by both parties involved. The above are just a few things to think about. The ideas presented above do not reflect the overall consensus of this website, only my own.I wish prosperity to all and to all a good day.

(feel free to add your own "not all subs" information in the comments section below.)