by on March 24, 2020

I have been wanting to write a blog for quite some time now just somewhere to put all my thoughts and feelings in one place. I'm sure I won't get everything I wish to say within this blog so possibly, hopefully, expect more to come.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately probably because of the time I have to do this now. Reflecting on many aspects of my life including that of findom.

I remember first entering this "world" seeing all these beautiful dommes and goddesses and thinking what am I doing here, do I even belong?! I'm grateful to say now that not only do I belong and have found a way to express and explore myself in such amazing ways, but I've found friends within this community too. Speaking on the findom community; I see so many girls put "only time wasters here" or something to that affect over and over again. I've struggled to understand this as I value my time that I've spent talking to every sub. I've learnt something in every interaction and continue to do so. I too as mentioning earlier have learnt so much about myself on this journey about what I truly enjoy and get pleasure from. Subs have taught me just as much about myself as I've guided them. Truly beautiful really when you think about it.

At first I found findom really challenging and confusing as a newbie I'm a very nurturing person I work supporting vunerable adults and it seeps into all parts of my life; I love to help people however corny that might sound haha. I thought starting this I had to be something I'm not to come across as "dominant enough" to get men to hand over money. While I enjoy verbal humiliation play being a mean bitchy domme isn't my style. Of course that isn't the case and there is an art form to this and what is requires to work at the heart of it is being 100% genuine and unapologetically yourself. Speaking of challenges, at times I have wanted to give up and thinking the right sub will never come. I've seen relationships like CopperLotus & kitten and wondering why I don't have that. However I recognise it will come with time and nurture. D/S relationships are just like another other; they will come when the time is right and work needs to be put into it for it to work. My d/s relationships are all still in the early blossoming stages.

Whilst it's been challenging particularly in losing subs or subs ghosting, it's been incredible. It's made me feel so empowered and confident and I hope more subs come into my life and enrich it in further so.

This blog is probably an absolute mess but i really wanted to share my raw thoughts and feelings. I also hope whoever reads this is safe & well during this crazy uncertain times. 
Much love & kindness,

Goddess Gee