by on April 2, 2020

So I was thinking today about one my first experiences with d/s and wanted to share it with you. It's very tame haha so don't get too excited ūüėČ

I remember it was on a night out with one of my uni friends and we were having a really good time. We'd been to a house party previously and I had met this cute guy there and after chatting and few more drinks in and I was being a flirtatious little minx. I can't remember how the conversation came about but I remember smoking outside with everyone and he was staring at me. He said he found it really sexy when women smoke and further to that likes in general when women dominate him in the bedroom. I was excited by that though I wasn't sure why at the time. May I add my sexual experiences had been very limited at this point. However perhaps a few drinks gave me the confidence to say oh yeah would you be into my slapping you across the face then? His little eyes lit up and said oh god yes I'd love that.  So I decided to give it a go. One cigarette in one hand and one clean smack across his face with the other. I got an instant rush, a thrill like I'd never experienced before and I wanted to do it again. I felt such power and felt so turned on. He looked at me with such lust and said he loved it. I did it a couple more times, each time my excitement grew and tingles across my body became more intense. After, we both went in and for the rest of the night his eyes were on my like a hawk and I revelled in this new found sexy power I felt. I teased him all evening by seductively dancing and he just sipped his drink and watched me. When we were alone he whispered his thoughts in my ear of what turned him on and what he'd love me to do to him. And whilst nothing more happened; it certainly sticks in my mind. I even get a warm rush over me as I talk about it now.