by on May 5, 2020

Why does it seem that when boys are new to a site they are met with such scornful messages? I know people have done me wrong in the past but I dont color every new canvas I find with the same paint. One bad apple does not spoil a whole orchard. It seems erroneous to me to blame all men for the sins of a few. I do however believe that all men will serve the purpose of the female form at some point in their life. I cant in good conscience let the clouds of yesterday block the sunshine of today.

I dont think it serves a good purpose to try and seem hard as nails to every sub you meet. I get that a persona is a persona but at some point you have to realize that it is doing you more harm than good in alot of instances.There is no need to be needlessly cruel to someone you havent even formally met or been introduced to. Sure there are some people who relish being talked down to on a subhuman level but why act as if every sub is like that? Is it because it is just easier?Do you think it is "cool"? Do you think it is funny? I often wonder what gives when I see this happening.
Everyone is free to "act" as they wish, but you should temper your actions according to the play being performed. This is just a rant of sorts coupled with a bit of advice. Take each word as you will and may the odds of today be always in MY favor.