by on May 5, 2020

Once he woke up, he couldn't believe his eyes; he was in a cage in the middle of a dungeon-like, very well equipped, torture room. At that moment, he knew that he didn't know anything about how he had gotten there.His first true concern came from the fact that, in spite of all his calls for help, she showed up only 1 days later. He was mad and hungry like hell; he couldn't remember all that she told him in that moment he was captured but he clearly remembered how she threw one slice of bread on the cage floor and said, "Learn to behave!" before she turned on her heels and left. Also, clearly he remembered the coldness of the moment and the expression on her face as she was leaving. He called out a few more times begging to be released and then ceased when it was apparent that she had no intentions of doing so; and that was the first step in breaking him down. He was assured that she couldn't just have her way with it; he was sure that someone, sooner or later, would report him missing to authorities or look him up. But days would pass and he would come to realize that None of that had happened.

Just by seeing how she arranged the place, with bed, toilet and a shower and all other relevant accessories, freaked him out. In a cage in the middle of a minimalist torture room. A touch that reminded him of a Hannibal Lecter movie he once recalled seeing.

The treatment continued as such for days with his new Mistress coming down and tossing him a slice of bread or small bowl of porridge a few times a day and giving him a bowl of water to drink. By day seven he was being hand fed by his torturer. The click of her heels sounding on the dark cold concrete floor as she walked away each time took with her a little hope of him being found and rescued.

Before he knew it he had been held captive for 30 days, and so she stated; "Today is the 30th day that I put you in that cage", and he stopped for a while, cleared his throat and continued, " What I want is someone like you, who is reluctant to the mere thought of being in this situation for a week, let alone 30 years…what I want is to turn you into a senseless, emotionless creature that will accept anything and everything I have to impose, without giving it a second and clear thought. She extended her arm and pushed a button on a device hidden mostly within her hand. Smiling wickedly she spoke again.

"Crawl out of the cage and go to the shower room its time for your weekly wash and daily breeding, she said. "

For the first time since I arrived, my cage was opened. My clothes had so many holes from the month of confinement. I crawled over to the center of the room where a hose was extended and a wire brush along with a huge bar of soap. Mistress came along hitting me with the riding crop in her hands mocking me and laughing.

"Wag your butt bitch make Momma proud. You are a pathetic little worm that needs to be bred and fucked daily.You need to be my top earner. I am going to love this. We might entertain my friends soon with you", she said.

With each hit with the crop they got more severe until I Was crying and begging her to stop the onslaught but all it did was get me kicks in the groin that brought me to my knees each time and of which I was forced tos tand up again to receive.

SHe probably kicked me only five times but still it hurt almost making me puke up the bread and porridge she had given me to eat earlier.

"If you puke it up you will eat it as a starving lowly dog and refeed yourself faggot."

"Now strip bitch. DON'T stand up get back on the ground where you belong."
I clumsily took off my clothes and handed them to her.SHe took them to the furnace in the corner of the room and tossed them in. Laughing, as she returned to me from across the room.I dared not speak not that I had the coherent words to form such an act. Mistress used her crop to touch various parts of my body as I was almost prepared to drop to my knees per her instruction. With the crop she prompted me to turn around and around almost like a ballet dancer auditioning for a role.
"Now go over and Suck the dildo on the post. There is a reward if you do it right. I need to assess your skills."

As I sucked the replica of a most wonderfully sized cock, she hosed me down and took the bar of soap and had me lather myself up.She pinched and prodded my body as she pleased like a piece of meat at the auction house. Then she quickly hosed me off again. She seemed rather pleased.

Then while I was sucking her replica again I caught a glimpse of her and noticed she was wearing a pair of green form fitting latex like gloves. SHe commanded me to stop and ordered me over to a nearby padded leather table. "This is my spanking bench, but right now it will serve the purpose as your breeding training bench." "You will fear it at first but you will learn to love it in time im sure."

She instructed me on how she wanted me positioned, then she "locked" me into place. She grabbed a nearby bottle of lube and began to massage my budding entrance. She took her thumb and inserted it then she told me "by the end of the hour, you will be taking my fist."

"You will be stretched till I feel you are ready for the horse dick. Yes I said horse dick. Now don't worry you will be begging for it in time I assure you . All the while I expect you to loosen your ass and make it more inviting for me and those you will serve unapologetically. You will be my trophy bitch. Failure to comply will have consequences." i was hopefully assuming that it wasnt a real horse dick she was referring to.

At this point she replaced her thumb with two fingers.She started a slow sawing motion. With ers other hand she started slapping my balls and laughing at my screams. Then she carefully inserted another finger. While slapping was fun she upped the ante by grabbing my poor little dicklet and squeezing it like you would a lemon trying to make lemonade.....(to be continued maybe?)