by on May 9, 2020

What do I mean by salty? For those of use who have been around for a while (20 years for me), we have had new people comment with things such as:

•You are to old to be doing this.

•Why don't you give it up already and let me take over?

•Ehh, who is going to pay for your sagging body when they can have mine!

Let me explain something kindly. People pay for my content not because I am flashing my tits for free (you do you, no judgement), they pay for:

•My style

•My mind

•My experience

There is a market for everyone. Every color. Every shape. Every age. So sister stop throwing your salt. It is only going to harm you. In fact, your salty attitude just makes my sweet, tender and seductive style that much more appealing.

Let's face it. You use salt to preserve a pig...but went you want to slow roast a ham, honey just tastes so much better.

If you show support to other dominants rather than tear them down, landing whales becomes a community affair. See money comes easy to them but usefulness isn't easy. I have whales that ask me fequently if I know other dominants that could use a little extra. And yes, They pay me a finders fee for my network.

I hope this has helped some of the newer dommes. Remeber, this isn't easy money. But once you learn the ropes..find your style..subs will pay attention. Cheers to success!