Goddess Lady Petite
by on May 13, 2020

As long as I can remember I have used my inner power of quiet sublime dominance to get what I want out of life.

What brought me into the world of findom, wasn’t the slew if instas online or anything online for that matter.

It started with my real life interactions with weak men. I realized I could harness my power to get whatever I want from them, without much words spoken, without any reciprocation from me.

It is quite entertaining at bars. Out with my girlfriends I get a laugh from how I can easily make a weakling do my bidding. The shy boy at the bar, stammering his words as he tries to start a conversation with me. I look at him with my piercing almond shaped brown wide eyes looking him up and down. I put down my finished drink. His words make no sense to me. He’s aware I am out of his league. I motion to my friends at a table, “You may get me a drink, and I’ll be with my girls over there.” I say. I sit with my friends, giggling in unison as we watch this boy juggle several drinks in his arms one for each of us. He puts them down at our table. I smile slyly. He leaves as we laugh some more.

The power-exchange.

What really thrills me is taking an alpha man down to the level below my feet. One conquest came unexpectedly. I was at my favorite martini bar in the lower eastside with my girlfriends. We were sipping lychee martinis at the bar, and it was packed that night. Two older businessmen in their 50s in clean cut designer suits sat next to me. I looked to my girls knowingly. I have found my prey. I talked casually with them for a minute to acknowledge we were all huddled at this bar, ignoring them for the most part but they were already intrigued. The hook was made, putty to work in my hands. We paid for our own drinks, and as I was getting up to leave to our next bar, I said out loud, “lets go to The Cave”. We sat at our table at The Cave, the businessmen showed up as I predicted. I motioned them to come join us, as my girlfriends hushed whispers protested otherwise. “Trust me.” I said.

Surely enough we had a good amount of banter, drinks, hookah, and some apps. My friends did most of the flirty chitchat while I demurred, I don’t need to flirt. One of the men sat across from me fully hypnotized. He told one of my overly flirty friends as his eyes met mine, that he worked in finance. He was a banker and CEO. He handed her a card with his name and title.

They paid for everything of course, and we thoroughly enjoyed using these men to comp it all. But it didn’t end there. Next we went to dinner on suggestion by the CEO, completely set out to impress me, he bought us fresh brick oven pizzas and we sipped from vintage wine bottles from a fancy little pizza bar. As the night ended we said our goodbyes, he shyly handed me a cigar to share with him. “I only smoke when I drink” I told him. “I wont pass up on a nice Cuban cigar.”

The next day surely enough after emailing back and forth with my desperate friend, he got a hold of me. “He really wants to see you again, he wont leave me alone” my friend texted me. So I texted him, to set a meeting.

He worked in the East 50s, and I in the West 50s. So I suggested we meet at one of the high-end bars near my building.

This “CEO” was completely a mess I could see his nerves getting to him as I walked into the bar and eyed him. Scanning him like a tiger in the brush. This is going to be fun I thought. I knew a man like this would do anything to keep my attention and make me pleased. He was courteous and never handsy. Oh how I would have let him have it if he dared think otherwise. I could tell, he quite loved how I dominated our interactions. How I used him for my own little game and amusement. We had drinks as he told me stories about his children and his favorite pet dog. Excitedly like a man possessed all the sudden by youth. It was quite the sight to see him channel his nervous energy the best he could.

I suggested we walk to dinner next, he was making a spectacle of himself and I wanted to move on to continue draining him. That night it rained as we walked the city streets, we could not hail a single cab. FAIL I thought, he has no game. I expect private cars on dial. Men I actually date have their private cabs on speed dial. But then I perked up, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. I looked across the street. One of my favorite department stores, I visit often during my lunch breaks. Without needing to say a word..when do I even? He said he’d better buy me an umbrella and rain boots for the walk at SAKS.
I already knew what I wanted, “Black Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots sz 5, and a Marc Jacobs umbrella.” He told the sales associate my order. Within minutes we were out the door, I wore my new boots and umbrella out of the store. Leaving the box behind, my leather boots safe in a SAKS shopping bag. He insisted I use the umbrella solely as it poured rain covering his hair and his trench coat. “Lets go to dinner anywhere you want to go.” He said. “Hakkasan” I said, “I’m feeling like Asian food, my favorite”.

It wasn’t hard for us to get a table at Hakkasan, our own private booth. He said to impress me once more, “Pick anything.” So I did, I closed my eyes and pointed my finger at a random bottle of premium sake. Because price was no option to me, and neither would it be to him. And my entrée, the Truffled duck. We had several courses and I talked to him about managing my 401k and savings. It was business like and he was like a little puppy gladly wanting to show off his knowledge for me. When it was time for dessert, I ordered the most expensive on the menu, he was delighted at my choice. A box of 24 french macarons. I could see this draining had an effect on him, he only wanted to please me. As we left, he hailed me a livery cab handing the driver a $50, he said he’d wait for the next one, in the rain of course. Good boy I thought to myself. He opened the door and I got in. On the way home I wondered how I could continue this high feeling. Draining men is all too good.

From experiences like these ones in my Vanilla life, I sought how to harness my beliefs in the feminine divine and my own power. To get what I want out of life. And it lead me to findom.