by on May 13, 2020

This is my origin story. 


Back in college (circa 2002/3) I was dating someone who was absolutely gorgeous. And I just had this inert need to please her. 


I didn't know what it meant to be a sub. And I'm not sure she knew what it meant to be a Domme. 


But over time, our relationship changed to her giving orders and me taking them. It wasn't anything huge. 


But in the middle of the day, I'd get a text saying "come over and rub my feet".  I had no idea why it turned me on, but it did. 


and it unleashed my submissive side. Even though I had no clue what being a sub meant. The internet was very different back then. 


the way that I had to learn about this scene was through Yahoo forums. 


Eventually, I came across Findom. It offered an extension of being a "real life sub". I gave it a try and found that I really liked it.


Back then I was confused, and even embarrassed to be a finsub. But now I take pride in my service. 


this isn't the most exciting post, but maybe one that others can relate to.