by on May 14, 2020

Tonight is THE night!

You've waited all week for it. And in just a few hours, all your hard work is going to be paid off. 


You bought Her a hot new dress and some new heels for the occasion. 


You've called Her favorite restaurant to make reservations, surprising Her by ordering a bottle of Her favorite wine. 


You paid for Her mani/pedi that just wrapped up.  


And finally, right before She's about to leave She sends you a pic with the message "think my boyfriend will like?"


Speechless, you text Her back, trying to find the words to do Her perfection justice. But there are none. 

so you simply reply "Yes, Princess. Thank You!" 


Thanking Her for the privilege of helping Her get ready for someone else. For the privilege of being Her cuck. 

And you love it!

Being a cuck in the Findom world is a special breed of sub. 

It's definitely not for everyone.  

As a cuck, you understand that there is no reason to be jealous of Her boyfriend.  You're not competing with him for Her.  She cares about both of you, just in very different ways. And you know this. 


It's a reminder that She controls you.  That Her control and dominance over you transcends every aspect of Her life. Not just when She is in "Domme" mode.  


And it's a reminder of your inferiority to Her.  That you exist to be Her servant, while Her boyfriend is Her equal. 


It's the ultimate form of selfless service.  And that's why we love it.