by on May 17, 2020

What I'm going to write isn't a be all for everyone. I get that. 


But I wanted to share with you my thoughts on being a submissive. Beyond the fetish and kinks, the whips and chains, and the leather and latex. 


At its core, being a submissive means conforming to the authority of another. 


It means bending to the will of a dominant figure. 

Why do I volunteer myself to be a submissive?  Quite simply, I love conforming to the desires of my Queen. 


I love the feeling of belonging to someone, the feeling of being at someone's beck and call, feeling useful in another person's life. 


I love working hard to help make someone else's life a bit better. To help Her attain Her goals, be a bit more pampered, live a bit more luxurious. 


This could mean working on weekends to ensure Her manicures and pedicures are paid for. 


Or it could be investing in Her future. 

It could mean adhering to Her protocols.

Or it could be staying up late to complete a list of chores that She needs done first thing in the morning. 


I know these aren't exactly the "fun" activities that are associated with being in a Ds relationship. But me, being the submissive, craves this type of conformity.  

Yes, exploring kinks and fetishes is fun.  I love it.  But more than anything, I love to be Her sub.