by on May 18, 2020

I dont care how good you are for me in the present, past or will be in the future, if you fuck things up there will be consequences. You are not likely to like them, which is kind of the teaching point. Serving me financially is not a right afforded to just anyone just because they have money to burn. Serving me financially is a privilege afforded to the good boys who have proven themselves to have my best interests at heart. But, when you fuck things up dont think you can buy your way out of it. Ive had boys have this mistaken notion in the past and with hilarious results. They would buy and buy and buy things hoping to get out of the doghouse with me, but it didnt work. They couldnt understand it and the looks on their faces were priceless when they figured that out.

But that is another story for a different day. Today im speaking about good boys who have been afforded the treasure of having bestowed upon them their very own private wishlist. Im also talking about how those same boys for whatever goddess forsaken reason have delegated NOT to use their wishlists to the  best of their abilities. Those boys end up with having their lists taken away and it is no easy feat to get them back I assure you. Nor should it be easy. Bad boys need to be taught lessons that only a goddess such as I can effectively provide. If you live to serve, not being able to is like salt in an open wound and sometimes I can be a really sadistic bitch when it comes to things like that. I love to see things twisting in the wind getting desperate with every second. But also if you live to serve, why would you openly and willfully neglect your list?

Your actions will have consequences. It is up to you to decide if they will be favorable or not. So you better choose wisely and not fuck things up. Or,else you will find yourself in the doghouse without a way out.