by on May 19, 2020

It's been a while since I've written a poem.  Here goes nothing. 


On my knees I wait for Her

The one I worship and adore

At Her beck and call I am

I crawl to Her forever more


As Her sub I belong to Her

I've gladly handed Her the key

To control me as She sees fit 

Because I love that She owns me. 


I try my best to please my Queen

And work as hard as I possibly could

Thats exactly what She deserves

And I'll give to Her as I should


Shopping and pampering She does-

To Her Heart's content 

She sends me the bill I'm happy

When I text Her the word "sent"

Serving Her is a privilege 

massages, manis, heels and furs

Are how I show my thanks

For She allows me to be Hers  

Before I end this cheesy poem

A heart of gold She does not lack. 

She's the kindest soul You'll ever meet. 


I ❤️ U 🌙🌎