by on May 21, 2020

These past few weeks, there's been a  renaissance in my service to my Queen. 


I've always been Hers, but now I feel a renewed enthusiasm and I've taken my service to Her up a notch. 


These past couple of weeks have taught me the importance of sacrificing for Her. 


I'm not talking about sacrificing my health or future, just my present. Queen would never ask me to go into debt or take out huge loans or take money out of my savings in order to spend on Her. I trust Her implicitly with my life. 


So what types of sacrifices am I talking about?


Orgasm denial. Physically, we all have some idea of how this will affect us. Yes, it'll be uncomfortable. Yes, it'll start to ache. 


But what many don't know is the emotional and psycholical effect it has on a sub. When I am denied, I become incredibly focused on Queen's needs, wants, and desires. I become more attentive to Her. I become much more submissive. 


As Queen says "you kiss my ass a lot more. But that's where you belong". I couldn't agree more. That is where I belong (and it's a glorious ass). 


Meals with friends.  I don't think I could give up my entire social calendar. That would make me miserable. But skipping a meal or two with friends in order to save money for Her is definitely feasible. 


Just imagine how much more enjoyable it will be for Her to step into Her new designer shoes knowing Her sub sacrifices his own fun to pay for them. 


Miscellanious expenditures. We all want and need to buy things. Could be anything from tickets to a ball game to poker with friends To alcohol. In many instances, this is money that is coming out of Her pocket.

Instead of just purchasing these things, make sure to ask Her permission first. I know my Queen won't deny me every purchase, but She will judge what I "need" vs what I do not need. 


Just last night, there was a virtual poker game with my friends. After asking for permission to play, Queen replied "I'll allow you to play."

The psycholical effect of reading Her words "I'll allow it" were so humbling.  It reminded me that She is in charge.

One final thought.  These sacrifices that I make provide Queen with another "stick" if I need to be disciplined.

For instance, I love being denied, but don't want to be denied any longer then She initially intends.  It forces me to be on my game at all times.

These aren't life changing sacrifices that will affect me health or future by any stretch. But they still "hurt" a little bit. 

But that's how it should be. It shouldn't be easy. I should be kept on my toes.


The pleasure my Queen gets from any sacrifice I make more than makes up for the temporary sting I feel when I need to give something up. 


When She is happy, I am happy.  And I'm so grateful She allows me to sacrifice for Her.