Princess Jas
by on June 2, 2020

Time to meet the incredible Princess Jas!

Princess Jas is a fairly new side that I have uncovered over the past couple of years, but she has fast become a key part of my daily life in ways I never expected. 

She is a true Princess. She loves pretty clothes, bags and looking hot AF in general. Being spoiled makes her very happy, especially when it is in recognition of how amazing she is. She loves to tease, and it doesn't matter what she is wearing. Expensive lingerie or knee high socks and a long tshirt. She always have a twinkle in her eye and a seductive smile on her lips.

She'll start of innocent and sweet, until she doesn't get what she wants. Then you'll see her start to pout...she'll make you feel guilty for not worshiping her, and if that doesn't work she'll become a class A brat (and if you're really unlucky, become a Queen) 

Princess Jas can be sexy, beautiful or cute. Don't be fooled though, she may only be small but if you upset her you will regret it. She knows her worth and if you don't see it then you'll become nothing to her.

Topics: worship, gifts, spoiled