by on June 13, 2020

For once I am not sure how to start out a blog lol Its been well over a year since I have written. so I guess I will start it off with saying ....Im backkkkkkk lol.

The past year has been a crap year for Me sub wise, I say this due to the fact I had two long term subs get gravely ill, one with stomache cancer and the other with prostate cancer, both

having  passed away within months of each other which left me devastated.( not looking for a pity party) and questioning a lot of things, both subs having been with Me for well over 6 years,Arrispetcucky who has been with Me 10 years going on 11 this year was there  for Me emotionally and financially , him being My one remaining owned pet.I learned I had gotten quite attatched to both of them and that it hurt that they left so early and with out saying goodbye they werent just My property, we were actual friends as well.

I took Myself pretty much off sites, stopped taking niteflirt calls, stopped tweeting , even let My own sites just  fizzle out and  pretty much kept to Myself.I know not the  heathiest of things to do but in the middle of all this, I started My other career which is less stressful, entetaining and I get to do what I like and get paid for it , pro gaming... any way I have finally decided to come back,  I felt like I was denying a huge part of Myself, that being the dominant,controlling semi sadistic assholish part of Me , I felt something missing, that part that gets Me excited, and thats Me controlling submissive men and asserting My will and dominance over them, hey you can only be so dominate and assertive in gaming and realize that tbagging people and talking crap to them  isnt quite the same kind of humiliation I relished in.So with that being said I am back and slowly wanting to fill up My stable again,I also have missed so many ladies I have met over the past 18 years and hope all of You are well and happy.

with that being said Im happy to be back and look forward to meeting new subs and Lovely Ladies.

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