Mistress Jess
by on June 13, 2020

  I've been finding it crucial during this time to make an extra effort to stay connected. I also enjoy being able to support as many local business( specifically black owned) as I can. I am blessed enough to able to support myself during this time, & I wanted to  share some resources with you. 



  As far as keeping in touch with subs goes, it has been absolutely vital to keep an open line of communication. In general I've been sensing there are plenty willing to please, but just keep on running into phony Dommes. This link allows both Dommes & subs to connect. Just Incase things have been kind of slow. Give it a try➡️https://www.kittyads.com/join.php?a=695001

  During this time we're encouraged to supported local businesses. I certainly enjoy doing so, as well as supporting black owned businesses. I was pleased to see that Uber eats gives you the option to do both.  This will allow you to socially distance when needed, as well as supporting those who are working overtime. Feel free to use this code : eats-qm8tnue 


  I certainly am blessed during this time. I am sending you all lots of positive healing energy as you read this. I hope this reaches you all in good health. Do your best to stay safe, and have fun. 


-Miss Jess 


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