Madame Raven
by on June 14, 2020

To me it have never been about to find the perfect submissive, the most well behaved or experienced. Because neither of that will ever compare to a true connection. Personal chemistry is by far underrated. I think that any submissive can become the perfect little pet under the right guidance. First you have to learn how to guide them correctly.


As humans we all have different needs and wishes, but the trick is to find out what lies behind the words they say, the ways they act and react. One may not always know what’s best for oneself or what it is one truly need. Through proper communication, total transparency, openness and honesty can this be deciphered.


It may take time with lots of trials and errors but I believe that if one truly takes the time to open up, that’s when the magic happens. However, opening up isn’t always so easy. Some subjects are harder to bring up and talk about than others. The more tough they are to talk about the more important it usually is. So this is where trust becomes of the outmost importance. To know that one is safe and in a judgment free zone is needed.


Knowing when to push someone just a little further and to know when to stop can be a difficult task. It’s a delicate line to walk on, but it is this that I love the most. To truly get to know one another to the core.. To form a deep and meaningful connection where no words need to be said out loud for one to understand the other. This is what I live for, the speechless dance where one can anticipate the other’s needs.