by on June 15, 2020

Owned by Goddess CopperLotus


I have been involved in on-line submission for several decades now, and it has taken every one of those years to become the submissive I am today.

Here are some ramblings in no particular order:

  • Know that your Domme comes first, Her wants and needs are before yours

  • Both Dommes and subs do stupid things and act like assholes from time to time, the key is to learn from the transgression and become better people as a result

  • Trust is earned on both ends of the spectrum, be the best person you can in order to earn it and know once that trust is broken, it is very hard to earn it back

  • Communication is key, if something bothers you say something, there are very few mind readers in the world

  • Don’t waste someone’s time, be honest with what you are looking for in a Domme (or sub), if they aren’t the right one for you, let them know (communicate) and move on

  • Different kinks for different folks, just because something isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t give you the right to belittle those who are enjoying it

  • Read the person’s profile before shooting off a generic message, you may actually learn something about the individual

  • Be true to yourself, pretending to be someone you aren’t may get results short term, but most certainly will not become anything meaningful or long term

  • Choose your words and pictures carefully, they are statements about the type of person you are

  • Try and be creative to stand out from the rest of the Dommes and subs on the site.  “how can I serve You?” and “send me money piggies”, while to the point, probably won’t draw too many responses

  • Don’t be afraid to grow and try new (but safe) things, what were limits one day, may become things that are now enjoyable

Thank you for indulging me and thank You, my Goddess for owning me.