by on June 21, 2020

Lately it seems things have been happening in my life contrary to what I want. it may seem like tiny things to some but they seem to be adding up. They are getting worse each time as well. Like for one incident the other night I dropped part of a bedframe on my foot while rearranging furniture. The next night insomnia had me take a pill to get to sleep. The police woke me up at 4 am two hours after I went to bed banging on my door. After speaking with me decided they had the wrong house and said they were sorry for waking me up. Suffice it to say I didnt go back to sleep. Then today I was out with a friend. She had an appointment to get a tattoo. I was with her for support and giggles. We sat and waited for like ever it seemed.  We just figured the tat artist was busy with the previous customer, although it was 2 hours after her appointment time. One of the owners came out and asked if she had been served. When she told them what she was there for. They checked the log in book to see her name in it. Then explained that the receptionist that had just left was new and apparently not told the tat artist or anyone for that matter that she was even there waiting. She received a very discounted daith piercing and the tat artist made her an appointment next weekend to come in on his day off to do her tat. This has not really been my week....lol But I wont let a string of bad luck get me down, my boys gifts and tributes are still flowing so I guess the universe isnt too mad at me...