by on June 21, 2020

Can a submissive truly be owned? 


I was having a wonderful conversation with a sub and he asked me this question. I said no I do not think a sub can 100% be owned by another being in any way. The sub then said we had different values and ended the conversation. Fair enough. This got me thinking about the soul of a human and why I said no. I 100% stand by that decision. My opinion is that a soul is an eternal entity, once it's created by source it can not be destroyed because the soul itself is a part of source. Every single being is one with source and once we understand that we really can start living however that is another topic. So my view is that a submissive can choose to serve me but I can and never will own the submissive 100%. They are the divine creator of their own reality, as am I for my reality. I understand fantasy and kink. However, I know that because everyone is special, (including myself), no one is special. So I do not have the ability to own a sub’s being/ soul. Controversial as a domme, but that's my view.