Curvy Miss Q
by on August 5, 2020

Of course both Dommes and subs are human,there is more to us than a title but sometimes I think it  can be forgotten (on both sides) that there is still a person with feelings behind the dominance or submission 

Now speaking personally here I think there may be misconceptions that a Domme is heartless, they don't care and such, and that we shouldn't show any emotion or our human side as it makes us seem less dominant, I am more than some kink dispenser 

I also think a subs human side gets over looked sometimes, I know some subs post about being nothing more than a walking cash machine and such but they still have feelings and emotions 

I think showing emotion can be judged as weak in general kink world or not

In my opinion if you want a genuine and long lasting Domme/sub relationship then you would want to know the person behind it, you would want to embrace each other for all that you are,having that understanding that things can come up and one may need a break and such because you both have lives outisde of kink 

Subs how do you feel getting a glimpse of the human side of your Domme? Is it something you want? Does it make a bond stronger on both sides?