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by on June 27, 2020
I have had a blast over the past few months exploring new ways to put the fun back in findom. I had to just take a step back because there seems to be so many that believe a hard bitchy persona is the only way to be.  There is nothing wrong with this way. I am just different. I am me. So here are just a few examples and keep in mind you must stay safe. Some of these are not possible while corona is still raging on. Do your research and make sure YOU are safe before you do anything. Shoppin...
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by on October 8, 2018
After being aproached a few times for a debt contract I decided to do my research and see what I could find. After a few days of playing with thigs and rearanging things. I stopped trying to fix it on my own. I found a template that will work just find for a sub interested in this kink. I enjoyed the fun of finding it and the possiblity of real fun. It will take a few times of adjusting so as long as I have a sub willing to try it out I am up for it. ߒ
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