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by on June 5, 2020
Further edit: I have surgery next week so will be back in a month to restart this. Until then. Edit: I am now sick so will resume this in a few days. Stay tuned! In my Slave Contract to Mistress Pauley, I offered to spend one week, 7 days, each month in devotion to her. This is the first day for June, 2020 and is concerned with Worship. It is a privelege to be allowed to worship Mistress Pauley. I need to worship her in as many ways as I can and as frequently as possible. Worship to me ...
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by on January 15, 2019
For those readers that have kept up with my series of blogs, you will know that I have been with wonderful Miss Dakota since October 1.  She truly is my dream come true and on Christmas Day She took me under Her permanent Ownership.  This submissive pet has never been happier!   It’s not an exaggeration to say that Miss Dakota has changed me in the 3 months or so since She first made contact with me.  She has dominated me in subtle and not so subtle ways but it’s always for the better.  I ...
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