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by on June 16, 2020
This is something that I can't seem to say enough.  Educate yourself. It could be anything from other fetishes to research how to be successful. I have three books I will recommend and why. Thriving in Sexwork by Lola Davina. This book is so important to read for some many reasons. Lola goes into detail about planning and why. She also takes the time to explain through experience why taking moments out for yourself is so needed. I took up her book in a time when I wasn't sure if this was even...
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by on December 8, 2019
I keep seeing so many dominants hit the scene and the first thing they say is "Tribute before you speak". So sure that will happen for a small amount of time. New submissives will message without doing much research thinking this is the only way to do so. Then sub or Domme screams "Timewaster or fake" because they don't see eye to eye in the first 5 minutes. We have all seen it. We all know it has happened. It is a clear indicator that things need to change. For the new Domme reading this:...
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by on November 23, 2019
"Sit dear and make yourself comfortable while I mold and play with your mind. It could be a wild ride. Are you ready?" *snaps fingers* Your body automatically obeys as this isn't the first time I have played with your mind today. I have already put ideas and seeds of thought in your head all day. Sending messages about my daily life.  *adjusting my mic and the cam so the only thing you can see are my mouth and a my low cut shirt* "Sit still and focus on my voice. Hands on your desk a...
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by on November 22, 2019
This what a question that was asked of me in an interview a few hours ago. I will tell you just like I told them today and this is my opinion. "I chose to set my own path. I chose to be the best me I could possibly be. What makes me different is ME." The interviewer laughed for a minute until he realized I was serious. "What do you mean?" "I can't be a copy of someone else. I refuse to have any surgeries that are not necessary because I have a phobia of going under the knife. Does this ...
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by on November 2, 2019
Note that this was taken straight from my blog on both Hepays and my Website. It annoys me to some extent that my online posts seem to come off to some subs that I am only interested in the extreme financial domination dynamic. So in this blog I am going to try and break it down a little to explain a few things. I do have two extreme dynamics and both are dynamics on the subs choice. They have had 10 emails between the two of use to negotiate what works between the both of us. This is ho...
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