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by on July 30, 2020
I know the title probably sounds action packed, it isn't anything like that though. Got married at 19, created the life I thought I always wanted. I was being controlled and manipulated. I wasn't allowed to have friends, go to the store alone, go to bars, wear "provocative" clothing, spend money on myself or things that would make me happy. I began losing weight and he got angry with me because other men at the gym must have been looking at me.  I found out at 23, he had been cheating since ...
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by on November 29, 2018
I have been wanting to write more regularly on here and I thought this might be a perfect way to kick things off. I wanted to write something as a bit of a reflection on my experience thus far exploring findom. So I was (and to some degree) still am pretty intimidated overall. I do my best to swallow that fear and use it as motivation to educate myself. To take things slowly and on my terms. Read & research first and act afterwards. I've spent a lot of time just reading & watching the few vid...
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by on August 27, 2018
Since my first interest in the BDSM community when I was young, I've always wanted to take part in such an amazing, new lifestyle experience. When I was 18, I started to dive in to the learning experience of what exactly BDSM was all about. I learned quite a lot from many different members in the community and loved everything they shared with me, from how they started as well as their own personal experiences. When I started researching all the types of roles within the community I found the...
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