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by on September 20, 2020
Oh Sweeties what did I tell you boring subs aren’t worth anyone’s time or any amount of money! When you step into a Dommes DM’s you need to understand you are here to entertain them! If you have anything other than that on your agenda why are you here? You are clearly not a submissive of any kind. So let's maybe just call you a charlatan! Lol   But on a serious note, remember to not let me deceive you. When you approach me, anything I do is a test. Every single thing so be on your guard. I...
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by on September 15, 2020
See I don’t really like having 'paypigs/piggies’ it insinuates that they are lazy trough dwelling pork scratchings. No I would rather have ‘paypuppies’ Far more impressive, adoring, excitable, eager and ridiculously loyal.  When I leave you to go about my day, you will sit and pine waiting for me, fighting the frustrating compulsion to lick me and mount my legs, and why wouldn’t you? That's how I like it. It’s a painful burden I will never have to bear because I am with me all day long. So...
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by on June 10, 2019
I began as an online Findom, manipulating pathetic men's fantasies for their hardly earned money, but as time has gone by, I realize I'm just a tool for them to jerk off to. Pay for play doesn't satisfy my growing need to use your perversions against you. My personal satisfaction begins with turning you into my little puppet and my young pussy swells and dampens at the thought of you descending deeper into the realm of complete debauchery. This isn't for my amusement. This is how I derive sadist...
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