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by on November 25, 2020
Men are hunters by nature. Allow the quarry to come to you.   Have content they can stalk. Lead them down the trail with blogs. Lure them in with pictures.   Subs will wish to trap your attention. They attempt to set bait with tributes and gifts. The chase is on. They will be on the quest in pursuit of your attention.   Time to set your traps. Reel your game in. Ultimately, the submissive is the prey for the Domme to capture. Happy Hunting!
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by on October 23, 2020
People have certain expectations. A new Domme might be completely new to the kink or how online submission works. Perhaps, they saw a video or heard from another person how easy it is to get money from a submissive. When that doesn't happen immediately, they might throw up their hands and in frustration write something on like "subs are all time-wasters". Let me be clear. The only person that can waste your time, is you. Dommes are strong and independent. We are the masters of ourselves. We dete...
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by on August 23, 2020
I often get asked what advice I have for people starting out in Findom. I have a few. They are quite simple. Be Yourself. Do not fake who you are. It takes too much work to put up a front. Eventually, you will slip up. Why exert the effort? You are someone's "cup of tea" just like you are. Be patient. This takes time. Relationships are not built overnight. Do not underestimate a submissive. They are not stupid. Do you really think a stupid man has made the kind of money it takes t...
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by on June 28, 2018
New Ladies, there is NO shame in knowledge before action! Every single one of Us started somewhere, and most have experienced the trial-by-error that's really necessary to evolve toward success. There is a PLETHORA of info--both in and outside of this site--and that alone leaves You with no excuse to NOT study up and self-protect from immediately getting played. The sad fact is, there are boys everywhere that ENJOY taking advantage when they sense they can. There are boys who specifically singl...
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