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by on October 18, 2020
I should contact Ms. Pauley Belle every day but I am ashamed to say I do not. So I developed language in my slave contract to make sure I do that. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Slave will contact Mistress daily through email or chat. Tributes, gifts, blog posts and the like do not count but covering emails will.   Slave will pay a penalty of $100 if not obeyed.   The day will be from 7 A...
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by on May 23, 2020
My new 2 year Slave Contract is below. Changes from past years are: 1) Due to the stock market drop, slave's spending on Mistress Pauley has been reduced. The body of the contract was not changed but the new spending is described in Additions 1 and 2. 2) Orgasm Denial has been loosened so slave may infrequently ask Mistress Pauley for release. This is due to medical issues. 3) A new Week of Devotion to Mistress Pauley section has been added. 4) Permanent commitments have been expande...
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by on January 28, 2020
Full blog & free clip available on My website! Click Here Now! Difficulties… Remember when I was like, “2020 is gonna be My year!”? Well, things haven’t quite started out according to plan… First, I was sick for New Years and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to My planned tattoo appointment on the 7th. Luckily, I was feeling better by the 6th, but when I messaged doughboy to schedule our cash meet so that he could pay Me for the tattoo, he was feeling sick. he still go...
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by on September 11, 2018
My current Slave Contract is for one year but calls for me to offer Ms Pauley Belle add-on months. When those months reach 12, the Slave Contract is to be extended to 2 years plus 3 add-on months. That has now happened so I am committed to serve Mistress Pauley for 2 years puls 3 add-on months. In addition, the Salve Contract itself was re-cast each year. Mistress Pauley now wants to re-do it during the year so we will do that as well. Subs might try offering written commitments to their d...
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by on June 8, 2018
Below is our latest Slave Contract update. Changes are that Orgasm Denial is spelled out in detail and, at the very end, one more Add-on month has been added. Thank you, Mistress Pauley, for letting me commit to be your slave. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slave Contract     This contract commits sorrysub, known as "slave", to se...
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