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by on September 15, 2020
See I don’t really like having 'paypigs/piggies’ it insinuates that they are lazy trough dwelling pork scratchings. No I would rather have ‘paypuppies’ Far more impressive, adoring, excitable, eager and ridiculously loyal.  When I leave you to go about my day, you will sit and pine waiting for me, fighting the frustrating compulsion to lick me and mount my legs, and why wouldn’t you? That's how I like it. It’s a painful burden I will never have to bear because I am with me all day long. So...
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by on February 1, 2020
Oh, Mistress Pauley, please forgive me as I have sinned. The background is that as I added up my spending for 2019, I found I spent way more than I had planned, let's just say a LOT more. As a planner and cheapskate, my first thought was to "budget" for 2020 to only spend so much each month and far less than I had spent in 2019. After a few days of this thinking, I realized that to spend less would be an insult to your freely given Domination and Control. You give me so much and I can give so...
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by on January 28, 2020
Full blog & free clip available on My website! Click Here Now! Difficulties… Remember when I was like, “2020 is gonna be My year!”? Well, things haven’t quite started out according to plan… First, I was sick for New Years and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to My planned tattoo appointment on the 7th. Luckily, I was feeling better by the 6th, but when I messaged doughboy to schedule our cash meet so that he could pay Me for the tattoo, he was feeling sick. he still go...
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by on January 10, 2020
I have been serving Ms Pauley Belle for 7 + years. Recently, she has been training me to say "reimburse" rather than "pay." For instance, I am to  reimburse her for her phone bill, not "pay" it for her. My take on what this means is that Mistress Pauley does not need my money to pay her bills. She can afford them herself and did so before I came along. Rather she allows me to reimburse her for her bills and expenses. So, while she can pay her own way, she enjoys taking from me. This a win-win...
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by on March 28, 2019
A recent blog post got me thinking about something that is entirely important here within our community. Actions. The actions of the dominant and the actions of the submissive. I'll start be prefacing the actions of a dominant. To summarize the recent blog I read, basically be your own woman. Your actions will dictate the type of sub you want, and attract. So if youre all about tributes and less about the lifestyle, you'll attract those that only want that. Finding what you want and then acting ...
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by on February 24, 2019
I have been a member on the site, off and on, for a few years now. There are some subs I know and remember, that have been here just as long as me, if not longer. There are some Dommes that have been here just as long, if not longer. I love the community and more importantly what the site stands for, the financial domination of males, in a female led environment. I've owned one male for about 5 years now. I lovingly gave him the nickname kitten, or kitten bitch. We met on a game! Not a kink ...
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by on January 14, 2019
Pain.. It's something feared and cherished, it paints life with excitement. You mourn the loss of a loved one and you feel the cut, the pain pours out of you endlessly. The pain brings you to a new place, clots form and the wound scabs over. Though the scar reminds you of that place. That place follows you - failed relationships, marriage, zero social life - endless torturous misery. What are you to do? You are in pain but and out of control. You long for someone to guide you, though you have gr...
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by on December 21, 2018
SPIN THE WHEEL! I made two new fun wheels for you. £2 per spin for rewards and punishments. Will you face a painful/ humiliating task, or win a prize? The slow drain wheel is pretty self explanatory.  DM me if you want to play! 
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by on October 10, 2018
I compiled some general information here, so that you can begin submitting and slaving successfully, ASAP! Click for links!   SUB UPGRADE INFO  SITE GUIDELINES  HOW DO I KNOW IF A DOMME HAS BEEN CAM VERIFIED ON THIS SITE?      You'd like to thank Me for My assistance? How sweet! Gratitude is always accepted via CashApp to $MissAlley or to xox Miss Alley  
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by on September 30, 2018
  I have a few positions available. Comment which one you want, and message me for more info.    Jobs: 1. Long term online slave 2. Rent slave 3. Food bill slave 4. Phone bill slave 5. Lingerie slave 6. Sex Toy slave 7. Clothes slave 8. Maid / cleaning slave (South Yorkshire area)   Some of these are regular payments, some are reimburse jobs for as and when I shop a specifc category. Rich or poor, there's something for everyone. Fund my lifestyle and se...
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by on September 16, 2018
Those eyes look straight through his pretense. No matter how well he plays the part, She knows he aches for Her command. So, She obliges. Nothing too obvious, just a simple, "Hey, if you've got a minute..." and, "Oh! Would you mind...?" The beaming smile and the sudden pep in his step give him away immediately. If he'd had a tail, the sound of his name alone prefacing these requests would resemble the daily reunion between a puppy and the Mistress who adopted him. The thought of being, eve...
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by on August 20, 2018
  A tribute is not a transaction. You should not expect to receive anything more than a smile on my face for a tribute. If I reward you that is because I am a fucking Saint sent to bless your God damn ass.   To conclude. Send me $100
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