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by on September 12, 2020
One brief exchange was all it took & now you’re hooked on me, your most expensive obsession! Thats because without me you are purposeless & essentially meaningless. Your life is a dreary routine of just existing, like a mindless drone yearning for escape & release, which can be found with me. But why would I want you? You have no real redeeming qualities. What could such an unimpressive specimen like yourself do for an absolute Queen like me? Financial Servitude! So, drop to your knees, op...
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by on November 11, 2019
I need to get away from home for a night or two...or more! Who's ready to treat me to a nice hotel stay ? I love to travel and like to stay away at different places... I want to travel more. You can start by treating m e to a hotel stay with an giftcard to Mariott Hotels.... link will be at end of this blog. I know this is not really a blog blog type, Im sorry but I love to travel and I look for fellow subs/ or even fellow Dommes whoenjoy to get away expenses paid of course. To be treated to rel...
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