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by on June 9, 2020
I prefer the term "Ms.".  The term “Ms.” is used when you are not sure of a woman's marital status, if the woman is unmarried and over 30 or if she prefers being addressed with a marital-status neutral title.  I am definitely over 30. I am not a fan of my marital status having any bearing on my title. "Lady, Madame, or MLady" can be used by newer submissives wanting my consideration.  I will accept being referred to as "Mistress" by owned submissives only. If you are not my property, y...
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by on September 30, 2019
   Written words are powerful. They can arouse emotion. A simple word choice can change the reader's mindset. For this, one should pay attention to options. I notice many posts using the word "need" where the word "desire" would be the better alternative.      Need is something basic, an absolute necessity. We need food, air, sleep, shelter, etc.. These are essentials. A Dominant should be able to provide for themselves. They should have control of their requirements.      Desire is ...
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