I absolutely adore RT games on twitter.  The problem is, some of my subs are too nervous to accept one because they are afraid the resulting will be WAY out of their budget (which is a very fair concern).    The thing i love about RT games is the randomness and how the sub can see the debt slowly tick up over the course of an hour or more, without either of us having any control of it. It has resulted in some pretty fun reactions where the sub was too scared to look at the post i made because of how many comments it was getting. The tension of it is so thrilling. So my question is, does anyone here know of a similar, randomized game where a sub slowly gains debt over the course of an hour or so, that doesn't end up with a debt that passes three hundred pounds? Where neither i, nor the sub has any real control of how much its going to end up at? Ive thought about some dice games, but just rolling a D20 every ten minutes for ''no reason'' seems pretty boring. I want the constant thrill!
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I feel like wheel games dont give that same long-term suspension however. They're fun for tasks, but when it comes to sending amounts i prefer dice in that case
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