I wouldn't say it's a kink I *love*, but I definetly enjoy it alot! I actually prefer doing it irl, partly because it feels safer and because it's more fun to use the sub once they're appropriately wasted. It's also fun to physically make them drink more by holding their glass and to "trick" them to drink more than they think that they're doing (obviously only when you know the sub and you've been drunk with them before, so you know their limits).   Online it's still fun making a sub go "dumb" and either make them say things they weren't planning on saying or send more than what initially planned. I like the complete control of someone's mood too, making them drink water so they think they're regaining control, and then suddenly ordering two more shots so they're now even more wasted than they were before the water.
Having sampled this a few times, I have enjoyed the freedom to let go a bit, while keeping the volume of alcohol safe for my body size to process but still get a bit...sloshed.  For the Dommes and subs.. What do you love/hate about it? How often do you participate? Is it a fetish? If you hate it, do you keep going back? And if so why?  
I used to indulge in this a lot, and enjoyed it. I had to stop as I'm an alcoholic and quit over a year ago, but I do miss it. I used to love the loss of control, the evilness of having that weakness exploited, doing long sessions, feeling so vulnerable. In some twisted way I enjoyed that the domme was damaging my health, and I also sexualised the regret and shame the next day (what can I say, I'm a bit fucked up). I still in indulge in lots of play and overall I'm happier both in kink and vanilla life being sober, but I do look back on intox play with some nostalgia.
I have never actually really indulged in it in a serious/dangerous way, but a little alcohol helps with the loss of control, which is kind of a major thrill. The idea of forced intox I guess it to kind of make it a tunnel game, reaching a point of no return, in theory quite appealing, in practice not exactly safe.