I'm a greedy Goddess, I want more subs and paypigs. I do videos, pictures, text and voice messages sessions. I enjoy to humiliat, degrade and love to be in a  total financial control. More content available on my socials, go to my profile and you're gonna find more.
I'm very familiar with this site but I am an experienced Domme, I do skype sessions, phone calls, videos, pictures, etc. You can contact me on here or my social media listed in my bio on my profile(;
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Looking for a sub to fund my Sphynx cats lifestyle. they deserve the BEST raw diet, toys, treats, litter, and holistic veterinary care.    Send tribute and approach to discuss further dynamic.    $stellarose0121  
Mistress Olivia
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Hey sissies, I'm looking for a good little sub that knows how to properly approach. If you want to impress me you better come crawling ready to submit.    Now be a good little bitch boy and approach me like you know you want to. 
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Sacrifice is Servitude. Read that again. Stimulating, euphoric, and seductive Ebonydomme seeks the most qualified and willing sub. Must approach appropriately, possess the ability to follow instructions, and be fully prepared to submit to your Superior in honor and great servitude. Anything less simply won't do. All disqualifying candidates will be sent to the Forever Forgotten Files of Royal Black Brat's Brain. It's nearly impossible to receive a second chance, so I suggest that you proceed mindfully.