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My long term trash panda is off to riffle through some garbage cans. So I seem to have the time for a new sub.  First thing to know, I am closer to a traditional Financial Domme. I do not take my clothes off, I will not send you nudes. I am worth so much more than my skin. (You on the other hand are not.) However,  I may opt to oblige a sub with a foot fetish. I am open to other kinks provided that I am not the one on display.  This sub will be chatty - yes that's right. I love to be entertained so a sub that enjoys conversations is nice. Will it hurt? Well yes - I'm often available which will hurt your wallet. I  have a very dark sense of humor and a rather sharp tongue frome time to time. So I may hurt your Fee-Fee's on several occasions. (I'm told it's great.)  The sub can afford to be of service. Your pockets don't need to be bottomless (wistful thinking). The expectation is a fairly big spoil on payday, a modest spoil in between. Maybe some delicious sacrifice.  If your a sub who is a chatty-cathy, likes dark humor, videogames, torment, humiliation/degradation - then I may be the Domme for you.    Forms of payment should be in U.S  gift cards. A few bad subs have ruined paypal/cash app for the rest of you. Amazon gift cards are preferred, though Steam and Nintendo EStore cards will not be objected to. I do have an Amazon Wishlist on my profile or random odds and ends as well.      TLDR: Whipping boy wanted. 
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Looking for a sub to fund my Sphynx cats lifestyle. they deserve the BEST raw diet, toys, treats, litter, and holistic veterinary care.    Send tribute and approach to discuss further dynamic.    $stellarose0121  
Mistress Olivia
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Hey sissies, I'm looking for a good little sub that knows how to properly approach. If you want to impress me you better come crawling ready to submit.    Now be a good little bitch boy and approach me like you know you want to. 
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Sacrifice is Servitude. Read that again. Stimulating, euphoric, and seductive Ebonydomme seeks the most qualified and willing sub. Must approach appropriately, possess the ability to follow instructions, and be fully prepared to submit to your Superior in honor and great servitude. Anything less simply won't do. All disqualifying candidates will be sent to the Forever Forgotten Files of Royal Black Brat's Brain. It's nearly impossible to receive a second chance, so I suggest that you proceed mindfully. 
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Hello everybody. I'm Mel and I'm from England. I joined this site because I got asked the other day what was my biggest turn on, and quite honestly, the first thought that came into my head was that amazing, wet, tingling I get in between my legs when I get that notification saying one of my subs has paid... There is a lot more to learn about me, if you want to... Why not check out my pics and see what you think?